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• Black & White, New Mexico Art League, Albuquerque, NM | May 2017

        Torso Series
          The torso has been a subject of creative expression for eons.  This ongoing series addresses                   abstractions at the edge of comprehension, in the Bauhaus and IIT Institute of Design traditions.               They are digital images manipulated with graphics software.  P
rinted with outdoor ink on banner                vinyl.

                   Torso Quattro 30" x 16"                       Torso Cinque, 30" x 16"                      Torso Sei, 30" x 16"

• Abstract New Mexico 2012 | Matrix Fine Art, Albuquerque, NM | October 2012
28 artists chosen by Sole Juror Andrew Connors, Curator of Art, The Albuquerque Museum of Art from 161 entries by 53 artists in all media.


                                                                          Los Duranes CC, digital photograph


• TIME PIECES:  Orphan Rt. 66 Signs | 516 Arts, Albuquerque, NM | August 2012

Proposed signs with abstract avianic imagery on Rt. 66, Central Ave., in the Highland neighborhood of Albuqeruerque, NM


PHOTO New Mexico 2010 | Matrix Fine Art, Albuquerque, NM | July 2010

1st Place Juror's Award for "1510 Wyoming NE"
Chosen by Sole Juror Andrew Connors, Curator of Art, The Albuquerque Museum of Art from 225 entries from 74 photographers

1510 Wyoming NE, digital photograph

4110 Central SE, digital photograph


Torreon FD, digital image

3333 Silver, digital image

Piedra Lisa 1, digital image


Silver & Amherst, digital image

2500 Centraldigital image

Photographs available in any size or medium. Corresponding sculptures are available from The Diamond Plate Series and The Perforated Series, vary in size to approximately 18" high.  Prices upon request.